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Products with Appellation of Origin

KUMAfood only sells products with the Appellation of Origin, or DO, predicate. According to our philosophy, only the DO guarantees the quality of the product as well as the traceability, so necessary today.

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    Olive Oil DO Sierra de Cazorla

    We work exclusively with the cooperatives of the Sierra de Cazorla, Jaén, whose brands Pico Cabañas and Olivar de Quesada have won several international awards. Our cooperative produces superior quality olive oil, under the cloak of the Sierra de Cazorla DO.

    To do this, it uses the Picual varieties, the best known, and the exclusive Royal, a variety native to this area. The peculiarity of the Picual olive trees in this area is that they are cultivated at a height from 700 meters to over 1000 meters.

    If we add the large number of hours of sunshine, the heat, the specific mineralization of the area, as well as the 'poor' soil, we can speak of unique circumstances in the Spanish geography, which make that our oil has a greater amount of polyphenols , antioxidants and an acidity level that does not exceed the 0.18º in the Royal and 0.19º in the Picual, unique values.

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    Saffron DO La Mancha

    Saffron, also known as “Red Gold”, is that great known “unknown”. In other words, everyone knows or has heard of saffron, but many either do not use it, or do not know how to use it. It is a paradigm that we would like to change.

    Saffron is the most precious natural seasoning in the world because of its unique characteristics. It is used as an aromatic and coloring spice to give stews unmatched color, flavor and aroma properties, which together with its beneficial effects on health make it enjoy extraordinary prestigious.

    Numerous therapeutic properties are attributed to it, such as anticancer, antidepressant and antioxidant properties.

    Today, saffron is part of the culinary culture of different regions of the world. In Spain it is an essential ingredient in rice dishes, and stews, and is used in a wide variety of haute cuisine dishes, in sweets and liqueurs.

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    Wines with character, wines with DO… !!!

    Spain is one of the countries whose viticulture tradition is almost as old as the country itself. There are documents dating back centuries and centuries past, where processes and methods are described in great detail. It is true that Spanish wines have taken a little longer to make their way into the top of quality wines, but today, without any doubt, we can defend that Iberian wines are among the best valued globally.

    Unique factors
    The exceptional Spanish climate, its soils, its geography, tradition, the commitment and know-how of winegrowers, have made Spanish wines now a sought-after asset by connoisseurs and wine lovers.

    The regions
    Throughout our geography vines are grown and wines are produced. The best known areas are La Rioja, Ribero del Duero, Rueda, Somontano, among many more, and each one with its particularities. And we have here, the 4 appellations of origin that we carry in Kumafood. Our wines have been selected by experts, the wineries have been visited, we have spoken with their owners, the winemakers, in short, with everyone involved in the process. We believe that it is a balanced selection, representing the best of each area.

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    Hams and Sausages DO Guijuelo

    Only starting from the best pigs the best products can be obtained. Guijuelo acorn fed pigs live their entire lives in freedom and enjoy the space of the mountain. Field fattening pigs live in the wild, and the maximum stocking rate is one pig per hectare. The exercise they develop provides them with well-shaped muscle bundles and abundant infiltrated fat.

    Guijuelo pigs are characterized by:

    • Being a unique breed of pig
    • Big and pointed ears with a tendency to bend forward covering the eyes
    • Dark, smooth skin with little hair
    • Long and stylized hind legs
    • Long and thin snout that denotes its age
    • Meat of intense color, varying from purple-red to pink, with a very high content of infiltrated fat between the muscle fibers. More than 54% of this fat is oleic acid due to a careful diet, based on the acorn.
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