Benefits of olive oil for athletes

On several occasions we have talked about the benefits that olive oil brings to our health, but did you know that olive oil can be the perfect ally for athletes? If you regularly do sports, this article will interest you. After reading it, you will perform much more in your next workout.

The benefits of extra virgin olive oil are extraordinary for the body in general, and also for the body of an athlete, regardless of the kind of sport one practices. The ‘’Liquid Gold’’ is a food rich in vitamins that, as we have seen in previous blog posts, helps improve the performance of our body, especially if we make significant physical efforts.

How does the body react when you do sports?

If you practice sports regularly, you have probably heard of “oxygen deficit”; the body works with oxygen and when we do not give it the amount it needs, a deficit occurs that, yes or yes, we have to replace.

In addition, due to muscle overexertion, the cells oxidize, which is known as “oxidative stress” due to the lack of oxygen. Therefore, when doing sports, especially if it is of high intensity, we must protect our body. And this is where olive oil comes in.

Following a healthy diet is key for our body, even more so if we are talking about sports people. For this, food is the key to the success of training, and without it they will not be able to achieve the proposed goals. And if we include olive oil as a base in this diet, the benefits will be optimized.

Why is olive oil so beneficial for athletes?

Before continuing to delve into the benefits, it should be noted that these will always be applicable to extra virgin olive oil, one that is obtained only from cold pressing methods (below 26ºC as ours…) and that does not lose any of its properties.

Here are some of the most outstanding benefits that olive oil brings to athletes:

Protects the cardiovascular system

Olive oil provides the well-known fats that are beneficial for the body, protective of the cardiovascular system. This type of fat is especially important when we talk about athletes with heavy workloads on a daily basis and therefore need to be protected.

Promotes muscle hypertrophy

Olive oil is rich in Omega 3, a fatty acid that helps to gain muscle. But how does this really work? These fatty acids are involved in the internal synthesis of anabolic hormones, such as testosterone or growth hormone, and this is precisely the reason for helping to generate new muscle mass.

Helps avoid oxidative stress

At the beginning of this post we have talked about oxidative stress, the lack of oxygen that we can suffer when making great efforts. We said that olive oil can help to cope with this symptom, but how? It is important to respond to oxidative stress because sustained over time can be very harmful to health.

Thanks to its content of vitamin E and polyphenols, olive oil exerts an antioxidant function that helps prevent this situation and reduces the damage caused.

Helps to recover faster

The presence of fatty acids in olive oil exerts a powerful anti-inflammatory action, which helps to reduce muscle pain caused after sports practice. And not only that, but it also facilitates sports recovery. What more could you want?

In short, olive oil is the perfect complement for sports. If you still did not know, we hope this post has helped you learn a little more about the benefits of olive oil for athletes.

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