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KUMAfood Spain

KUMAfood Spain is the gourmet division of BiiWheel Holding SL, based in Castelldefels, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

KUMAfood is dedicated to the commercialization and export of unique, exclusive, high quality Spanish products, always with ‘’Denominación of Origen’’ or Appellation of Origin. To achieve this, we travel incessantly throughout the Spanish territory to search for, and find, the best and the most exclusive products that Spain has to offer.

Our mission is to spread the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and excellence of Spanish products through direct sales channels, called “Mi Rincón Ibérico” or “My Spanish Corner”, stores and restaurants.

Products such as olive oil or saffron often go through many channels before reaching the final consumer or restaurateur. By offering products at prices that we pay for in origin, Spain, we believe this direct sale will decrease elevation of prices while acceptance and consumption will increase.

In addition, through seminars and conferences in restaurants, business clubs, culinary associations, we want to make consumers aware of the immense benefits of the ingredients of our great ‘mediterranean diet.

We currently have “Mi Rincón Ibérico” sales channels in 4 countries, Spain, The Netherlands (where our warehouse and distribution center are located), Germany and Belgium, although we will soon expand to other territories.

Our history
KUMAfood was founded by Chrétien P. Schatorie and José Miguel Cocera Cruz, like many companies or great ideas are born; having a wine under the sun shade, while a light Spring drizzle sprinkled the garden floor.

José is from Quesada, a charming Andalusian town in the Sierra de Cazorla, where olive trees grow to an unmatched height compared to the rest of Spain. Pairing this circumstance with the unique climate and geology of the area, the Picual and Royal olive trees produce a superior quality olive oil, winner of several international tasting awards.

Direct contact from the source of our products in addition to Chrétien’s knowledge of foreign trade and food products (Dutch by birth, although from Salamanca at heart) we decided to undertake the adventure of exporting the oil from Quesada to Northern Europe.

Success did not take long to manifest itself, and in several weeks we added almost 20 Mi Rincón Ibérico outlets to our portfolio, including several restaurants, such as Rue du Bois in Venlo and renown specialty shops like Jardin d’Olive in EIndhoven, to name a few.

They not only asked us for more and more oil, but also for other Spanish products, such as smoked paprika powder, saffron and sausages.

Products with designation of origin

Why choose Kumafood Spain

Olive Oil
We work exclusively with the Bética Aceitera cooperative in Quesada, Jaén, whose brands Pico Cabañas and Olivar de Quesada have won several international awards.
Azafrán de la Mancha
Saffron, also known as Red Gold, is that great known 'unknown' ingredient. In other words, everyone knows or has heard of saffron, but many either do not use it.
Pimentón de la Vera
Another classic of the Spanish cuisine is smoked paprika powder or Pimentón, a spice so highly appreciated in Spanish cuisine that we hardly recognize its beautiful properties.
Embutidos de Guijuelo
Only starting from the best pigs can you get the best products. Guijuelo acorn pigs live their entire lives in freedom and enjoy the mountain improvements.